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Pictures of our wedding…. November 25, 2008

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Are FINISHED! Yay! We have burned DVDs with the pictures on them (thank you Mr. Fochtman) and will be sending them your way if you would like one. We have full printing rights to them so you can make prints if you like. Also, I will be posting them online sometime during the Thanksgiving break (or I will give it the old college try at least). Let me know if you would like a DVD.


Oooo, free internet at the Best Western

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Couldn’t stay awake driving anymore, and you need to be awake when there is a deer jumping out in front of your car every 2 minutes. We made it to Junction, Texas, but since I couldn’t drive any more and Tori’s eyes aren’t in a good enough condition to be spotting deer proficiently, we stopped for the night. We have no cell phone signal either. Interesting note, this is the first time I’ve used a landline in… I don’t know how long.

Apparently animals think the big bright light is something to jump in front of. I love the absolutely stunned look deer have when you stop and honk at them. “What is this creature, why is it staring at me so brightly, and what is it trying to say? Can’t it see I’m trying to mosey across the street at a leisurely pace?” Of all the times to cross the road, you pick when I’m driving by. Is it really necessary? The grass is just as green on that side of the road, I promise.


On our way!

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Tori is on her way home from class, and I just got out. It’s packing time!

We’ll be leaving within the hour for Del Rio, Texas, for Thanksgiving with the Rosalez side of the family. It looks to be a good visit, and I’m looking forward to some time to relax. I have a few assignments that are due when we return, and they are big ones, but I have a week to do them so it shouldn’t be that bad. Tori has a bunch due though, so she won’t get the same opportunity to relax. She is sadly having to look forward to winter break for that. On the plus side, we’ll have 5 full days (I believe) to enjoy, so the drive will be worth it.

I’m going to get back to packing, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


I can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week! November 19, 2008

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Things here in Fort Worth are busy, but good. I’ve got finals in two and a half weeks and Aaron’s are the week after that. It’s really crazy how fast this semester has gone by. I am truly glad for it though because I am SO ready for it to be over. 21 credit hours, a job, and a rather unpleasant commute everyday has me about to the end of my rope. Luckily though, next semester’s 16 hours will be a breeze by comparison. 🙂 I know Aaron is also looking forward to next semester. He’ll be “working” full time (his fieldwork at the high school) with only 4-6 hours of class.

We’ll be heading down to Del Rio for Thanksgiving. Luckily our schedules work out so that we can leave on Tuesday when I get done with classes. With such a long drive, it’s good that we’ll get a nice long visit in between. We’ve mostly planned out our gift purchases for Christmas and even already gone ahead and bought a couple of them. Hard to believe that December is so close. One of the local radio stations here is already playing Christmas music! It really is rather ridiculous. I mean, at least hold off until Thanksgiving is over. Aaron and I were joking the other day that pretty soon people will be saying, “It’s already March! Why don’t you have your tree up yet?!” I hope that this somehow cycles out and we can have Thanksgiving be it’s own holiday instead of just the segway into Christmas. As a kid Christmas used to just sort of sneak up on you. Now it’s a long, drawn out game of anticipation. Too stressful that way.

Anyway, enough of my tangent about the whole holiday thing. I’m just glad that December is almost here because that means finals (bleh), but also means we get a few weeks off to recover.

That’s all for now, hope everyone is well.

oh and p.s. we got our new bed in the mail and haven’t had to sleep on the floor in two whole days!


October November 16, 2008

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Hi everyone! October has come and gone, and so we thought we would give an update about how things are going. We switched our blog to so people can comment. Also we like the layout better.

We’ve gotten into the swing of things with school and work. Tori is now working with a kid in Keller who has autism, and not only gets class credit and experience in a field she enjoys, but also gets paid! She is also still babysitting for some friends of ours. I’m still working at Texas Steam, and the job is going well.

We’ve got everything in our home the way we like it, with the exception of our bed (more on that later), as I think the last that we reported was the desk being finished (in more ways than one!). Currently we are occupied with school, work, and planning for the future.

Our bed: Last week we noticed that our bed (an inflatable Aerobed) was bulging at the bottom. Last time it did this, an internal seam burst, and this time it did the same thing. As a matter of fact, it was the same seam. We slept on it for one more night after reporting it to Aerobed and requesting our second replacement in a year, and that night an external seam burst. Tori woke me up at 2 am asking if I heard a sound of air rushing out of the bed, and I sat up. Apparantly I had my pillow resting on top of the external seam that burst, because when I sat up air started wooshing out. Our friends have lent us a mattress until our new bed gets here. Thanks friends 🙂

That’s about all for October at least. We’ll be heading to Del Rio to visit Tori’s brother, stepmom, dad, and grandmother for Thanksgiving. We hope everything is going well with you all!


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