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It’s Beginning to feel a lot like Christmas December 17, 2008

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Hello internet! Just wanted to post an update on how we’re doing.

I have finished my classes for the semester (thank goodness) and all of my finals are behind me now. Just one more semester to go! Taking 21 hours this semester was brutal and taking 4 finals in one day was pretty rough as well. Next semester I’ll only be taking 16 which will be a lovely change of pace. The only downside is that I will have to drive to Denton EVERYDAY because I have a MWF course. I do have a job for next semester though. I will be continuing to work with the kiddo that I’ve been doing therapy with this semester and possibly adding another client if I have time (we’ll see).

Aaron is done with his classes and is in the midst of finals. He had one test Monday evening, a paper due Monday afternoon, another test Tuesday, and one more on Thursday. I know he will also be glad when this semester is over with. Next semester he will have his field placement at a high school in Haltom City (about 30 minutes from our house) and two classes on Mondays. He will most likely only be able to work on Saturdays because his field placement will take up most of his time.

We will be spending our first Christmas together at a resort in Tyler, TX. Thanks to Aunt Pam and Uncle Wayne, we have 2 days and 2 nights at an all-inclusive resort. We’ll check in after 5 on Christmas Eve and check out the afternoon of the 26th. After that we will drive up to Mt. Vernon to Grandma Ann’s farm. Aaron’s parents and sister will be driving in on the 26th as well. We’ll have a big family dinner on Saturday night with relatives from around that area and then drive home on Sunday.

As for the rest of our winter break, we will be working our tails off since our income will drop next semester. We will also be making plans for after graduation and definitely relaxing and enjoying the break from classes and studying.

In other recent news we had our annual Christmas party with our TCU “family” this past Friday. It was bittersweet since it will be the last Christmas party we have together. It started with about 10 people our Freshman year and this year there were 17 people at the party. We will most definitely miss all of them. Most of us will graduate in May and move away to grad school or jobs. It was a very fun time. We had our secret santa gift exchange, visited, played the endless setlist on rockband (which Aaron was seriously excited about), and capped off the evening by celebrating our friend, Phillip’s 21st birthday at midnight.

I’m going to stop for now since it’s late. Goodnight.


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