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Final Semester, here we come! January 14, 2009

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It has officially begun, our very last semester here. Aaron had his field seminar and his one class on Monday. Yesterday was his first day at Haltom High School. We went shopping for some work clothes for him this past weekend (more on that later). We both got up at an ungodly hour (6:30). I tried to be funny and take a picture of him on his “first day of high school”, but the camera batteries were dead.

Aaron decided to take the Corsica, so he left at 7 just in case it broke down. I had the day off so if need be I could go get him and take him there, or he could take the Versa if the Corsica refused to start in the cold. Surprisingly, it not only started but got him to and from Haltom City without incident. We’re looking into other options for him, since we just don’t trust the Corsica to be reliable all semester. He’s called about getting on a van-pool/car-pool through the T (the public transportation system here), but we haven’t heard back yet. If that doesn’t work out, then I think we’re going to buy another cheap car (the Corsica only cost $1250 when I got it 5 years ago).

I have not officially started my semester yet (classes start Tuesday), but have gotten my class and work schedules all figured out and started planning some things for church. Aaron and I will each be leading a college small group Bible study. Today I met with my co-leader and we discussed what we wanted to study, how we wanted to format the study, and when/where we want to meet each week.

This semester I will continue to provide therapy to the same little boy and will add another client that lives relatively close-by to him. She’s younger than him and needs lots of help with her speech, which is great since that’s an area that I’d like to focus on more. I will only have 16 hours this semester, so that’s a relief. On Monday and Wednesday I will work with the little girl in the morning, then go to my one class for the day, and then head over to his place and work with him. Tuesday and Thursday I have the rest of my classes and will work with them afterwards. Finally, on Friday I will have team meeting for him in the early evening. I’m off on Saturday and Sunday, which will be nice.

So, back to last weekend. It was good, but VERY busy. My mom flew in on Thursday night and I drove to pick her up at DFW. We came home, had dinner, exchanged Christmas presents, and just sat around talking until late (except for Aaron who went to bed early because he was tired from a long day of work).

Friday we slept in, then started some homemade sauce for manicotti. It was absolutely gorgeous and so went to the park and threw around a frisbee and just enjoyed the weather. Then we went to Central Market and got a few things and some gelato….mmm. We went back home, let the sauce finish, and then we cooked the noodles, I made the filling and stuffed them, and then we covered them in sauce and baked them in the oven. It was a VERY good dinner. We made a double batch so there were lots of leftovers to freeze/give away. I still have some sauce in the fridge that I need to freeze, but there’s just no room in the freezer. After dinner, we taught my mom how to play guitar hero. It was pretty fun to watch, and I think she started to enjoy it once she got the hang of it. 🙂

Saturday we lounged around most of the morning and then left for Dallas around 3. We picked our friend, Megan, up from the Dallas airport at 4. We then went to dinner at Trinity Hall Irish Pub. It was a little expensive, but the food was good, and the dessert was awesome. After that we had some time to kill before the movie we wanted to see started so we went and bought our tickets, then looked around Urban Outfitters for a while. We got a 3×5 rug for our living room for $9! Then we went and saw Milk, a movie about the first openly gay elected public official in the U.S. and his assassination (not a spoiler, it’s in the trailers and you’re told right at the beginning of the movie). It was about the first gay rights movement and the battle against Prop 6 (a proposition that all gay school teachers and those that support them, should be fired). It was painfully familiar with the recent events surrounding Prop 8. It was a very good movie. Sean Penn was fantastic. After the movie we drove back, dropped Megan off at her dorm, and then came home and crashed.

Sunday, Aaron and I woke up and got ready for church. We went and saw lots of people we hadn’t seen in a while (all the TCU people were getting back for classes), and met a couple new people too. Then we came home and Aaron made burgers for lunch. Mom finished packing up all of her stuff and then we drove to DFW and dropped her off at her terminal. Then Aaron and I went shopping nearby the airport. We went to Old Navy and got him 4 pairs of pants and 4 new polo shirts for work. We went to Target and got a couple of things for the house, then went to Best Buy and Aaron got a 3 month live subscription for the xbox 360 (so he can play games online with other people) and I got a DVD. Then we still had some time before we needed to pick up our friend, Caity from DFW so we went to Outback and split a meal and small cheese fries. We had gift cards for Target, Best Buy, and Outback that we had received for Christmas. Finally, we picked up Caity at 8:30 and drove back to Fort Worth. We decided to stay a little while over at the house and visit with everyone. Then came home and went to bed.

Like I said, it was a very busy weekend (with lots of trips to the airport).

In latest news as to future plans, Aaron and I have applied to Camphill Soltane (check out for more information) for next year and they are supposed to contact us sometime this week to set up interview times for us. We are crossing our fingers that we get it, and so is Jason Fish since if we do get it, we’ll be within an hour of him.

I’ve got to get going to work now. I’ll let Aaron write up about how his first day(s) at his field placement were.


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