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All moved in June 1, 2009

Filed under: celebration,family,monday monday,moving,school,work — aarontori @ 4:03 PM

I have a few moments before Tori gets home and we go to her sister’s for dinner (with another of her sisters and her family), so I thought I’d update everyone.

We’re all moved out of our old place in Fort Worth, and are now house sitting for one of my professors for a month while they are out around the country. We’re taking care of their new kittens (Ozzie, Kati, Chewy, and Vanessa) and also taking care of just general things around their house (the yard, fish, plants, etc.). For the next month we will be doing that and working as much as we can to save up for the trip to PA.

Things look pretty good here. I’ve finished my summer course with an A, and am officially done with my undergraduate degree. We’re all settled and taking the opportunity to relax and not have classwork over our heads. That’s about all we have to report right now! It will be a sad month, with lots of saying bye to friends, but we look forward to PA.


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