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Mother’s Day May 13, 2012

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Just a quick post before we leave for church.
My wife is a wonderful person, mother, wife, friend, and on and on.

Let me list some of the ways:

She spends most of her days providing for our family, driving an hour or more to work and back.
She actively instills our children with good habits, manners, and knowledge.
She holds herself to high moral standards.
She considers the feelings of others before (and while) she acts.
She gives me time to relax and just play a game at the end of the day. She even occasionally shares that time with me, even if there’s probably something else she’d rather do 🙂
She looks to some fantastic role models and takes lessons from them in order to better herself.
She puts others, especially our children and I, above herself.
She loves her family. This may just be a given, but you should see her face light up when she sees some video of Elizabeth from earlier in the day.
She runs our budget, even though that is a tough and stressful job all on its own.
When asked if she were to die today, what is the one thing she would regret not telling someone, and why hasn’t she told them already, she said there are millions of things she hasn’t yet told Elizabeth. She is and is going to be a fantastic role model for Elizabeth, and there’s no woman I’d rather her emulate.

There’s obviously tons of things I could write here, but really there aren’t words to express my thankfulness that I have Tori as my wife.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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