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Freezer Cooking (Rice, Bean, and Cheese Burritos) March 1, 2013

I’ve been reading Money Saving Mom for a while now, and she does regular posts about freezer cooking (preparing food ahead of time and putting it into the freezer to save time later). I finally got around to tackling some freezer cooking. So far we have made freezer burritos and pizza hot pockets from scratch! Today I’ll post about the burritos and save the hot pockets for another day.

Here’s the recipe I used. I adapted it a bit to fit what I already had. First I warmed up a can of refried beans on the stove. I had some leftover chicken and so I shredded it up into the beans, then added rice (I made a double batch of rice just so I’d have some for the freezer burritos). I spooned some homemade salsa into the mixture too (SUPER easy and delicious recipe can be found here).

Burrito filling

I spread my filling onto a tortilla added some shredded cheese, then rolled it up into a burrito.

Freezer Burrito

I rolled each burrito in a bit of plastic wrap, then foil, then added them to a ziplock freezer bag (writing the contents and date).

IMG_0463I made some with no salsa (because I forgot about it!) and so I had two bags. It made 8 burritos.


Aaron and I both really liked them. To heat them up we just unwrapped them (saving the plastic and foil by putting it back in the bag), then wrapped them with a paper towel, and tossed them in the microwave. I did mine for a minute, then flipped it and cooked for another minute. My husband eats everything way hotter than I do, so he did 3 minutes. We just made another batch of these and put them in the freezer today. They’re great for lunch or when you’re hungry for something more substantial than a snack, but don’t feel like cooking.


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