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Monumental Update…coming soon :) July 27, 2009

We are currently back in Fort Worth, TX for one week. We have been to Lawton, Denver, Lincoln (Nebraska), back to Lawton, and then here. We still have two more stops to make on our trip.

Something to look forward to: pictures! LOTS of pictures from our travels so far and also…video clips (at least one from each time we crossed a state line).
This week will provide us with absolutely no have to’s as well as an awesome internet connection so I will most definitely be updating this baby.
hint: look at the labels for this post and you will get a small idea of what we’ve seen/done so far
okay, so it wouldn’t let me post all of them but here they are (babies, denver, family, food, friends, fun, plans, tejas, travels, vacation, wildlife, okies, corn, badminton, competitive sports, injuries, sleep, driving, night life, cooking, dessert)


Oooo, free internet at the Best Western November 25, 2008

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Couldn’t stay awake driving anymore, and you need to be awake when there is a deer jumping out in front of your car every 2 minutes. We made it to Junction, Texas, but since I couldn’t drive any more and Tori’s eyes aren’t in a good enough condition to be spotting deer proficiently, we stopped for the night. We have no cell phone signal either. Interesting note, this is the first time I’ve used a landline in… I don’t know how long.

Apparently animals think the big bright light is something to jump in front of. I love the absolutely stunned look deer have when you stop and honk at them. “What is this creature, why is it staring at me so brightly, and what is it trying to say? Can’t it see I’m trying to mosey across the street at a leisurely pace?” Of all the times to cross the road, you pick when I’m driving by. Is it really necessary? The grass is just as green on that side of the road, I promise.


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