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Glenmoore is on the horizon August 26, 2009

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It’s our last full day with the Fish family before we head to camphill, and I am excited to have a dresser soon. Living out of suitcases for the past 2 months has gotten old. News from the past 2 days: we’ve found an insurance company that is half the cost of the one we were going to use for the first 3 months of our stay at Camphill Soltane (before they pick up our coverage). We’ve also found out what house we will be living in on the campus, and that the houseparent we will be working with has 2 children! Tori was very excited to hear this because she had said multiple times that she hopes our house has children. I’m glad; the house will feel more like a home with kids 🙂

We have our orientation on Saturday, so more will come once we are settled!


PENNSYLVANIA!!! August 23, 2009

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We’re here! We’re hanging out with the Fishes, which is great fun.

The flight was good. I made friends with a lady in the terminal over our shared interest in knitting (which I learned how to do this summer and am about to finish my first scarf). There were some really adorable little kids near us on the plane who were pretty good.

John picked us up from the airport and we came back to the house and saw Laurie, Nana, and Eric (all of whom I was meeting for the first time). We went to dinner at Chili’s where I taught them how to play coasters which is a game where you flip a coaster off the edge of the table and catch it midair and add one more each time. My mom is the rockstar of that game and taught it to me, but I think I may have beaten her best score last night when I got 13. I also tried Yuengling beer which was like a lighter Shiner Bock, very good.

We played outside with their two dogs for a little bit. The yard is nice and big and gorgeous. Then we played Bananagrams and then they taught us how to play 10,000 which is a dice game and lots of fun.

Jason and Dylan got home late (after 11) from working at camp. It was very exciting to finally meet Jason! Dylan’s okay too, I guess 🙂 We stayed up pretty late talking and hanging out in the kitchen.

Conclusion of day one!


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