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-insert celebratory dance here- May 12, 2009

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I did it, I am officially finished with my undergraduate degree. I’m seriously excited!

I just got out of my last final exam (which I totally rocked).

Aaron’s graduation ceremony was this past Saturday and mine is this coming Saturday.

Lots to report here, but I’m going to go sell back my books and head home (maybe…depending on what I hear back from my boss about work tonight).

This post is to be continued…..


Post-Thanksgiving Post December 1, 2008

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Hello all. We had a good visit with my Dad, Phyllis, Grandma Heath, and Jay Lee. We got there at about 10:30 on Wednesday morning. Just to clarify the reason that I couldn’t drive was because I was wearing my glasses because my contact had torn, not because I have horrible vision at night or anything. The glasses prescription is a year behind my contacts. The hotel room was very nice and comfortable with the best bed I’ve ever slept on. We got up at 7:30, got ready, and had some warm breakfast before heading out. I drove us while Aaron rested some more.

On Wednesday we went to lunch with my dad and Jay. Then we took Jay to Wal-Mart to pick out a gift with the birthday money we gave him. It was very fun. We hung out at home, making lists of things we’d need for Thanksgiving dinner and then ate dinner at TB’s (a really good barbecue place).

I got up at just after 7 on Thursday and Phyllis and I started the turkey (in the new fancy electric roaster they got us). We cooked until about noon and then took everything across the street to Grandma’s and had a very tasty Thanksgiving lunch. It was pretty good for my first time making the Thanksgiving feast. Everything came out really well. Aaron did the dishes and we put away leftovers. Then we spent the rest of the day watching football, doing homework, and pretty much lounging about.

On Friday we drove to San Antonio to meet up with my sister Cindi and her new husband David. They got married on Wednesday. We picked them up downtown and then met my nephew, Jarrod at the Alamo Cafe. It was a very tasty and filling lunch, and a nice visit. Jarrod’s dad came and picked him up and we dropped Cindi and David back off downtown and drove home. We got back to Del Rio a little after 8. We stopped at the Skillet for dinner, and that’s when my throat started to hurt.

I went to bed before 10 on Friday and woke up with a fever on Saturday. I spent all day Saturday on the couch feeling crummy. My throat hurt and my joints all hurt too. My fever would go away for a little while when I took medicine, but kept coming back. Saturday was pretty yucky and we just watched football all day.

Sunday morning we got up and I still felt bad. I took a shower, which totally wiped me out. We got everything together (and by we I mean Aaron) and left about 11. We got home just after 6.

This morning Aaron took me up to the UNT health center and I’ve got strep throat. They gave me a HUGE painful shot of penicillin in my lower back. They said that I will be contagious for 24 hours still after the shot, but should feel MUCH better tomorrow. Aaron is at the store getting a few things (like a new toothbrush for me and some lysol spray). I am at home in bed and waiting for this medicine to start kicking in. I haven’t been able to eat because my throat hurts too much so I’m hoping that I can get some food in me tonight so I’m not too weak to go to class tomorrow. Finals are next week and I just can’t afford to miss.

So other than the strep, we had a really good visit. Hopefully I’ll be back to myself again by tomorrow morning. Let’s just hope that I didn’t get anyone else sick, especially Aaron since he’s been sleeping next to me and closed up in the car with me.

P.S. I promise I’ll get the wedding pictures loaded soon, as you can probably guess I wasn’t as productive over the break as I thought I was going to be.


Another Update (Tori) September 11, 2008

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Hello all! An update on things here in Fort Worth:

It rained pretty much the entire first three days of this week. It was rather dreary and annoying. It didn’t help that I have been fighting a cold since Saturday night. I thought it was just allergies (a lot of wind around here has made them pretty bad for everyone) but then it moved to my chest. I’m doing much better, but Sunday and Monday were tough. I’ve still got some chest congestion and a pretty nasty-sounding cough, but feel MUCH better.

Aaron finished our desk on Monday morning! The sanding and first coat of finish was done Sunday and then he put the second coat on Monday morning and it was in the living room waiting for me when I got home from babysitting! It looks pretty good if I do say so myself. I’ll take some pictures this weekend and put them up. It hasn’t gotten completely organized yet because we’ve both been busy and I’ve been asleep a lot.

Aaron got a computer game called Spore that he’s been wanting for a while now. He got it yesterday and spent a few hours last night playing. It seems like a pretty cool game, the basic premise is that you create your own species and evolve and work your way up from a single-celled organism. I’m not sure where it ends (if you work until you reach “higher intelligence” or not), but I guess we’ll see.

Aaron went to a crisis counseling orientation session yesterday at the high school he’ll be working at next semester. He got to meet the staff and others that he’ll be working with and received his name tag and parking permit. So now he’s official. I think he’ll be going back a few more times this semester to meet with his field adviser and work on gathering data for his honor’s project and another research project he’s doing for a class this semester. His research sounds pretty interesting and involves the worth the wait abstinence program.

Last Friday, I went to the team meeting for the boy that I’m going to be working with. We call him Chiquito for confidentiality purposes and so that’s what I’ll call him here as well. I got to meet Chiquito, his other therapists, his mom, and little brother. I observed while one of the other therapists ran through a session with him while the team leader (my supervisor) took data and made notes on what changes needed to be made to his program and set goals to work on for the next week. It was really interesting and a good learning experience for me. Then on Saturday I went back and had what we call a rapport session with Chiquito. I just went to play and get acquainted with him and allow him to become more familiar with me. I brought a toy with me just in case and we ended up needing it. He usually has Saturday and Sunday off from therapy and so my presence on a Saturday wasn’t very welcome. We let him know I wasn’t there to work, just to play and I presented my toy (a loud squeaking stuffed penguin). He then warmed up to me and we spent the next two hours playing outside in the yard. Poor kid doesn’t know yet that starting next week I’m actually going to start working him on Saturdays too. I didn’t go on Monday due to the fact that I wasn’t feeling well enough to keep up with two full hours of playing. Yesterday, I went and met with my supervisor and she trained me on all of his programs. It was a fairly good session (especially considering that I’m new and unfamiliar to him). I observed all of the programs and was able to work on a few of them with him myself. All in all it was a great experience and I’m very excited about being able to work with him.

Tuesday was the 9th, our first month anniversary. Time has certainly been flying by! I need to ask Jason how the pictures are coming. I promise we’ll get them out to everyone as soon as they’re ready.

Well, that’s enough for now. Next time I’ll have to make sure Aaron writes the update so that you all can hear from him too!


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